Collection of Research Papers on Application of Enterosgel. 1st English Edition: Gastroenterology. April 2014, Prague.

Patent RU2631603C1: Means for inhibition of enterotoxins production by staphylococcus and their removal from biological substrates
Claim: The use of an 18.2% solution of enterosgel (with a polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate content of 70 g, purified water 30 g per 100 g of product) to inhibit staphylococcal growth, to inhibit staphylococcal enterotoxin production and to remove staphylococcal enterotoxins of types A and B from biological substrates.

Howell, C.A., Mikhalovsky, S.V., Markaryan, E.N. et al. Investigation of the adsorption capacity of the enterosorbent Enterosgel for a range of bacterial toxins, bile acids and pharmaceutical drugs. Sci Rep 9, 5629 (2019).
The findings suggest that the mechanism of Enterosgel action in the treatment of gastrointestinal infection or IBS is adsorption of target molecules followed by removal from the body. This therapy offers a drug free approach to prevention and treatment of infectious and chronic non-infectious diseases, where intestinal flora and endotoxemia play a role.

Howell CA, Markaryan E, Allgar V, et al. Enterosgel for the treatment of adults with acute diarrhoea in a primary care setting: a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open Gastro 2019; 6:e000287. doi:10.1136/ bmjgast-2019-000287
Conclusions: Enterosgel treatment was associated with a significant reduction in the duration of diarrhoea in adults with patient-reported acute diarrhoea, compared with standard care. These findings support the role of Enterosgel in acute diarrhoea especially in vulnerable groups where rapid resolution of symptoms is required. Reduction in symptom duration could translate to less healthcare costs and socioeconomic burden.

Khavkin A.I., Volynets G.V. Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (Enterosgel) in the complex treatment of children of the first year of life with diseases of the digestive system. Ros Vestn Perinatol i Pediatr 2019; 64:(3): 91–96 (in Russ). DOI: 10.21508/1027–4065–2019–64–3–91–96
Conclusion. Complex treatment with Enterosgel of the diseases of the digestive organs in children of the first year of life is accompanied by more rapid relief of pathological symptoms and it reduces stay in the hospital, it is not accompanied by side effects, allowing us to recommend Enterosgel for the complex treatment of children of the first year of life.

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